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Learn Tagalog

If you want to learn Tagalog, check out the Learn Filipino (Tagalog) in English resource page. So far, what’s listed are podcasts and beginner resources. You can also check out’s Learning Tagalog Community, where you will find people who are willing to teach Tagalog, as well as folks who want to learn Filipino.

Webhosting Does Not Last

I wonder if you can still count the number of times you’ve switched from one web host to another. I’ve tried. And hoped. And even thought I had found THE host to stay with. Yet sadly, even those which were reliable for the past two years are recently experiencing frequent downtimes. For some reason, they […]

Janina San Miguel – Bb. Pilipinas 2008

You’ve heard about how Janina San Miguel won in the Bb. Pilipinas 2008 beauty pageant. And since her use of the English language was less than stellar during the Q&A portion, a lot of people complained. Why did she win, some people wonder. How can someone who cannot communicate well in English win Miss World […]

Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines 2008

You simply cannot escape it. Everywhere you look, people are either already on the internet, or are moving towards it. And since businesses are ever-chasing after their customers, you can expect traditional companies to slowly make their way online. And that’s why the Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines 2008 comes at an opportune time. […]

David Gonzales

David Gonzales ( blogs about gadgets, making money online, and living in the Philippines. Although his site is quite new, he already has at least 20 RSS subscribers. I like the way he mixes gadget reviews along with posts about writing. This is another example of a blogger who started in BlogSpot, and then decided […]

WordPress Philippines

Stumbled upon WordPress Philippines ( and am checking out their articles about WP, plus featured Filipino bloggers. Looks like Angelo and Ia have been quite busy. And just in case your itching to change your WordPress theme, try these Pinoy WordPress themes. Here’s to more Pinoy bloggers!

Niche Annihilation Videos Are Slow

Rob Benwell reveals how REAL money is being made online, and not too many people know about his Niche Annihilation Method (NAM). What the NAM ebook does not readily explain, however, is how Benwell slowly built-up his network of sites. And that means content. And hard work. And patience. If you’re the kind of person […]

Dagupan City Jail Podcast

You’ve watched the Cebu inmates dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Now, we hear that the Dagupan City Jail even has its own podcast: (Started in February 24, 2008 thanks to the assistance of 31 year-old inmate “Bill.”) You can also check their blog in I completely missed this in the Feb. 29 issue […]