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iBlog4: Podcasting and Vlogging

Too bad I missed iBlog4. Anyway, Aileen Apolo and Coy Caballes talked about podcasting and vlogging. Aileen shares the lessons she learned from iBlog4, while Coy vlogs about iBlog4 and the Afterparty. Now I’m off to check out the podcasts and vlogs of: Buhay Ni Boy (Philippine Radio Drama format), FunnySexy (lip-synching, music vlogging), Digiputz, […]

Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

Found Janette Toral’s The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008, and am now searching for blogs that began no earlier than July 1, 2007. Hmmm… where do I start? One way of finding new blogs is by looking at the various new Twitter pages. Another is by looking at the comments area of several […]

BatJay, AdSense, and Health

In Ruby de Vera’s From blogger to book author, you’ll read about Nicanor “BatJay” David, Jr.’s success with his second book “Mga Kwento ng Batang Kaning Lamig” (Stories of kids who eat cold rice). You’ll also find this: Earlier this year he even took out Google Adsense from his blog, as he wants it now […]

BatJay Book Launch at Fully Booked

BatJay launches his Batang Kaning Lamig book at Fully Booked (in The Fort) as part of the megalaunch of the Fox Literary House.

Jammed Full Into Capacity

Jammed: Full Into Capacity ( is a blog that displays the wondrous torrent-of-a-content talent of Jam, a medical student who’s interested in Health, Medical and Nursing Student Guides, and sundry Student e-courses.

Nap Time Rocks

Nap Time Rocks ( is a blog about Parenting, Photography, and the Fab Find Adventures of a full-time mom, who uses an interesting photo interview in her About Me section. Aside from those topics, you’ll also find several short stories penned by Ris. I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t everyday you bump into someone who […]

Virtual Smart Agent In Action

Virtual Smart Agent is a script that makes use of artificial intelligence to simulate what a salesperson will do if a customer walks out of a store without buying anything. Only this time, we’re talking about people leaving a web page without buying anything. What if you can do something about it? Well, someone did…

Essential Twitter Tools

Jeremiah Owyang lists his Essential Twitter Tools. Looks like Twitter is becoming more popular, what with the numerous “so-and-so is following” notifications these past few days. I dunno… it feels as if there’s a surge in people using Twitter.

No Follow, No Fun?

I was reading’s Getting One Way Links the Evil Way, when I stumbled upon the comment by Yugatech. Here’s a quick excerpt: I missed the days when SEO was an unknow term in the blogosphere and everyone was linking out like crazy. Then Google invented nofollow and people abide by its rule as if […]