Buod ng Florante at Laura | Summary of the Story

If you are looking for the summary of Florante and Laura, here is the Tagalog version. Please note that it may seem quite long, and you may end up searching for an even shorter summary. But if you take the time to go through this long-ish version, you can easily adjust it and simply highlight the main points.

Anyway, let’s move on to the summary or buod of Florante at Laura.

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Blogging From Home

Chanced upon Janette Toral’s Blogging From Home, a “work-in-progress journal of Janette Toral’s upcoming book patterned after her Blogging 101 Online Workshop.”

I found out about this after revisiting Google Reader, because I’m checking out FriendFeed… again. :-)

I’ll probably look closely into re-enabling Disqus, because there may be considerable benefits of not always trying to control where your or your blog’s comments reside. Sometimes, it can be terrifyingly relaxing (or is it relaxingly terrifying?) to let go.

WordPress Sitemap Plugin

Updated the Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress (now version 3.14). It’s a good thing the WordPress plugin menu alerted me that there is a new version of the Dagon Design sitemap generator.

When I visited another site that uses the old plugin, I was surprised to find that the sitemap page was blank. Now that I’ve installed the latest version, the sitemap page displays the blog posts correctly.

If you use WordPress and would like to earn additional SEO points, create a sitemap of your site so that the search engine crawler robots will have an easier time finding your hundreds of posts. :-)

I’ll Wait For The Next One

Arekz, of CoffeeWithArsenic.com, posts
$20 Worth of Reaction: J’Attendrai Le Suivant (I’ll Wait for the Next One)
where he invites several Pinoy WordPress bloggers to contribute their comment about that under-4-minutes French film.

Your comment or reaction will focus on the Subject and Content of the film.

You might even win $20. :-)

And if you’re a Filipino who has a WordPress-powered blog, then check out the WordPress Pinoys Group at Google, as well as their homepage at WP-Pinoys.com