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Jayce Perlas Angers Blogger

Jayce Perlas (Perlas & Luna) meets and angers blogger Arpee Lazaro. Now Arpree rants about it in This blogger has never been treated so badly in an event. The story online, however, does not end there.

Winners of the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2008

Just wanted to congratulate the 34 Winners of the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2008, and Ms. Janette Toral for another year of eye-opening firsts. In the coming weeks, we shall visit and perhaps even feature the various blogs or websites and see if we can learn what makes them successful blogs. What you’re a personal blogger […]

Who’s Voting For McCain?

Everywhere I go, every person I ask, every discussion I overhear, it’s all Obama, Obama, Obama. Does anyone in the Philippines want to vote for McCain? It got me really curious… Well, someone posted this on YouTube: