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If you’re thinking of becoming an AIM Global distributor and are wondering how to correctly use Facebook marketing to build your business, here are some tips from the AIM Global Blogging Team

First of all, people go to Facebook to socialize. They do not go there just so that you can sell stuff to them.

So please…

  • Do not tag people in photos, especially when they don’t even appear in those spammy photos.
  • Do not fill up their FB Wall with messages about your business.
  • Do not message them about your business.
  • Do not annoy them.

Facebook Marketing Done the Right Way

Keep in mind that Facebook is just one part of your entire marketing program.

The main part of your AIM Global marketing campaign consists of blog posts or articles published online, and the advanced marketing system found below those articles.

You don’t like to write?

Then get help from the writers in the AIM Global Blogging Team (AGBT). Those folks loooove to write! :-)

Once you join the AGBT, all you’ll need to “write” is just (at the most) one email a week.

In that email, you will give quick answers to the questions Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why (WWWWHW) about a product or service that you have tried or experienced.

Next, the AGBT will transform your short and quick email into a 100-word article, and this will be published online. At the bottom of that article will be a paragraph that contains words similar to the following:

The above blog post was inspired by (Your Name), who enjoys (what you do). He/She is also interested in building a semi-passive income with the help of the internet and the AIM Global Blogging Team…

For example, let’s say your name is Juan Dela Cruz…

The above blog post was inspired by Juan Dela Cruz, who enjoys teaching Filipino to third year high school students. He is also interested in building a semi-passive income with the help of the internet and the AIM Global Blogging Team…

Then, below that paragraph will be an invitation for the reader to get more info about the semi-passive income.

Do you see how this works?

Facebook will not market your business.

It’s the paragraph under the blog post (or webpage containing the helpful article), that does the pre-marketing.

And if people are interested, they will take the next step to find out more about the semi-passive income. :-)

Then only after they request for more information does the marketing begin.

What you will do after you join the AIM Global Blogging Team (AGBT):

  • Send (at most) one email to the AGBT writers/techies which talks about the WWWWHW of a product or service that you experienced.

What’s Done For You By Your Supportive AGBT Writers:

  • Your short email is converted into a 100-word article.
  • That article is published online.
  • That published article is promoted using online marketing tactics.
  • The advanced marketing campaign is also set-up for you.
  • What You Will Do In Facebook:

    • Be an entertaining and thoughtful friend.
    • Occasionally… share a link to the webpage containing the article inspired by your quick email. At most, just ONCE a week.

    So what’s the secret of Facebook Marketing done right?

    It is this: Do Not Market In Facebook.

    What Exactly Should You Do In Facebook?

    Be helpful. Be funny. Be entertaining.

    In other words, be a friend.

    Remember the weekly email-to-web service given to AIM Global Blogging Team members? Those are friendly, helpful, and useful articles about products or services that you have tried.

    Once a few of those articles are published online, you can then go to Facebook and SHARE a link to the useful/helpful article, which your short email helped inspire.

    Remember: You Are Not Selling Anything.

    You are, with the help of the AGBT email-to-web service, sharing with your friends your experience with a product or service.

    What People Will Do

    Since you’re not selling anything, some of your Facebook friends will be curious about your experience with the product or service that you bought. Or the restaurant you ate in. Or even the movie you watched.

    They will visit the webpage containing the 100-word article.

    Since the article is short, they’ll get to the paragraph that shows your name.

    Then… they’ll see the gentle invitation to learn more about a semi-passive income.

    And if your friends are somewhat similar to you, some of them might be also interested in having a semi-passive income.

    Just like you!

    Once that happens, they will ask for more information, and some of them will, just like you, also see how they can make online marketing work for them! :-)

    The AGBT techies ensure that people who read the blog post inspired by YOUR short email, who request for more information, and then eventually do join the AIM Global Blogging Team also, will be considered as part of YOUR own sub-team.

    And when you, thanks to your quick email, are able to attract only 8 people a month who would like to try health and wellness products, or skin whitening sprays, or even get Philippine scholarships (as high as 50% discount on the semestral tuition for the entire 2-year course), that’s how you can earn a semi-passive income of P10,000 a month.

    You will not tire yourself by repeatedly chasing and hounding people who might not even be the least bit interested in AIM Global Marketing products.

    You will simply write a quick email once a week (or even once a month if you’re too busy), have the AGBT writers and techies transform that into a 100-word article that will be published online, and that webpage will become your online salesperson.

    Your online salespage will be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will not bug people, because only those who are interested will ask for more information.

    And you do know what happens when a person is interested in YOU and YOUR business, right?

    The internet is here to help you succeed. The secret is in working with a Team.

    And the best part is, you can join the AIM Global Blogging Team. No experience required! :-)

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    Then, follow the instructions on how to receive the information in your inbox. That’s it! :-)

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