Alliance in Motion Global and John Asperin

Lots of people are signing up as independent distributors of Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global), especially after they see the marketing plan as presented by the charismatic John Asperin

In Part 1 of the John Raymond Asperin (VP-Marketing) and AIM Global video, someone commented in YouTube and wondered if John Asperin is a pastor. Perhaps it’s his manner of speaking, the way he engages the audience, his choice of words, or his overall look.

Apparently, this “pastor approach” builds rapport with the audience, and can be quite a persuasive way of presenting to a crowd.

The key is this: Know Your Audience.

Will John Asperin’s “pastor approach” work in the corporate boardroom? Most likely, not.

But in the Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. conference room filled with highly motivated and vocally excited people? You bet!

Do you want to know the system of how to make money with AIM Global?

Watch the online video (Part 2) carefully… and in a future blog post, I will lay down for you the step-by-step blueprint on how to succeed in network marketing.

Did you catch the key benefit that John Asperin mentioned in the 2nd video? AIMGlobal allows you to easily monitor your MLM performance via the internet.

Say goodbye to lining up in cramped offices just to check your genealogy chart. It’s all online, which means you get to save time.

Here’s another time-saving and convenient feature: Daily commissions, deposited to your ATM account.

Again, say goodbye to lining up to get your check, and then lining up again to deposit your check in the bank.

Now here’s another benefit you’ll get when you join Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global: Scholarship Program.

You can use the AIM Global Scholarship Certificate and enroll your relatives or loved ones in partner schools (e.g. Informatics) and enjoy 20%, 30%, 50%, and even as much as 100% scholarship, depending on the school and the course.

The key learning in Part 3: It’s not only about MONEY. It’s also about RECOGNITION.

Another important lesson: Invite MANY people, not just a few.

Ano, handa ka na bang sumubok man lang? Gusto mo bang malaman kung paano ka magtatagumpay dahil sa sariling mong sipag at tiyaga, at pati na rin sa tulong ng internet? Ano pa ang hinihintay mo? Mag-iwan ka ng comment sa ibaba, at magtulungan po tayo…

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