Christian Carpeso Info Solutions

Christian Carpeso launches his Info Solutions blog, where he shares tips and information on various topics…

From Christians’s initial blog post “Continuous Learning” we can already anticipate that his blog will be a mix of subjects ranging from earning online to internet marketing, and from food to neck pain management.

Which brings us to popular questions raised by people interested in Internet-based network marketing: What should I blog about? Many topics or just one topic?

And if there are many people raising those questions, there are also many people offering different answers.

Niche bloggers prefer to focus on one idea, while others choose to write about different things.

Here’s my recommendation: Create 2 blogs.

Start with a blog where you write about 7 to 10 different areas of internet. Yes, we’re talking about YOUR interest.

Then, once you see which particular topic attracts a lot of questions from your readers, go and start your second blog that focuses on that particular topic.

From Christian Carpeso’s initial blog posts, we see this progression:

1. Continuous Learning – Network marketing, earning online, and various ways to make money on the web.

2. Pay To Click Basics – One way of earning on the internet.

3. Facebook Marketing Extreme – This is a review of one of the ebooks available in the online library of Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate.

4. KFC Twister – We find out that Christian works in Saudi Arabia. He offers a good tip for those working near his area.

5. Lock & Lock – This is a good blog post that combines useful consumer info as well as a glimpse into the life of Christian.

6. Stiff Neck Instant Remedy – Yes, a lot of people go online to search for neck pain solutions. It does help to also publish disclaimers regarding health information (e.g., I am not a doctor. Please consult your professional health care provider. The articles posted in this site are for purely informational purposes only).

I do like that post because it connects with people, and it has a light breezy writing style that you will find easy to read.

Just a comment about blog titles…

If you want to attract a certain group of people, choose a blog title (not blog post title) that will appeal to a specific group of people.

For example, if Christian decides to spin off a Neck Pain Management blog in the future, among the possible titles are:

Neck Pain Solutions – Saudi Arabia
Stop Neck Pain – Saudi Arabia

Imagine what people will be searching for in the search engines, then add your location. This will help people connect with you better, since they might even be working in the office building next door. :-)

Christian Carpeso Blog

Anyway, until the next internet marketing tip, please visit the blog of Christian Carpeso over at

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