Eroll Landicho

Eroll Landicho can help you fix your computer. He teaches people how to remove viruses and malware from the PC or desktop. And the great thing about is, he’s publishing those tips online…

Eroll hails from Calapan City, Mindoro in the Philippines. And we’re happy to see him sharing his IT expertise online via his blog over at:

It’s quite brand new at the moment, and we’re waiting for Eroll to think of a name for his website or blog.

Yes, it’s easy to build your own blog. Simply send an email (just like Eroll did), and your blog will be up and running. A lot of people tend to freeze and worry about how their blog will look, or whether they can add a Profile Photo right away, or if their spelling and grammar is all right.

While some people tend to freeze (paralysis by analysis), some go-getters like Eroll Landicho go forward and take action.

Besides, we can easily course correct along the way. The important thing is, you take action.

And that’s what places Eroll in the Top 3% – He learned how to create his blog just by simply sending email (yes, it’s that simple), and he went on and sent that first email.

He took it one step further. Instead of just sending sample or test emails, he went forward and sent a full-blown blog post: How To Take Care of Your PC.

As you can see, it is so easy to have your own free blog where you can share your expertise and help others.

It’s so EASY! Too easy, in fact. That’s why 97% of the people who learn the secret to making money online end up doing nothing.

They think: Things can’t be that simple, right?

And so they continue doing…NOTHING.

To Eroll Landicho: Congratulations and thank you for taking action!

We look forward to reading your IT and computer tips in the coming days. :-)

Here are some to-do’s for you:

1. Add your Profile Photo
2. Think of a Name for your entire blogsite.

To Your Success! :-)

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