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For bloggers and those who want to make money online, here are some Facebook Marketing ebooks that you may download right away…

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Inside the ZIP file are:

  • Facebook Marketing Extreme
  • Facebook Marketing Secrets

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A lot of online publishers are realizing that simply writing online is not enough. You need to know where people are going, and you also need to show up there.

Where do people go online? YouTube, Twitter, and… FACEBOOK.

That’s why you need to understand how to market on Facebook. And there’s a key insight that you need to keep in mind.

People go to Facebook to socialize. They don’t go there to be marketed to.

Oh sure, you might get lucky and rack up some sales when you tag people in FB photos (even if they don’t even appear in those photos). And yes, you may make some sales when you plaster your advertisements all over your Facebook wall.

Thankfully, there is the right way to market on social media sites such as FB.

For example, please read the blog post Facebook Marketing Done Right.

And yes, it helps a lot if you have an FB account. :-)

You might be wondering: Manny, where are you getting all these e-books?

Well, I have access to the SWA Ultimate online library of ebooks. I read some of these ebooks, learn something new, and then I share and teach these with lots of other people.

That’s because I enjoy helping YOU succeed. With the internet, it’s now highly possible.

For example, I might be resting or bonding with my kids right this very instant. Yet you are here, reading this webpage, and downloading e-books.

You are here, investing in YOURSELF. You are making time to learn and improve yourself, because you are aware that:

You Must Invest In Yourself First, Before Others Will Invest In You.

How do you educate yourself more? One way is by reading e-books.

So if you want more information about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate online library of e-books, please visit:


Yes, more and more fellow Filipinos are discovering the value of Education and Information. Afterall, we are living in the Information age.

So go out and use Information to help you enjoy life, take care of your family, and prepare for your bright future! :-)

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