Fely Guy Ong Health Tips

If you’ve been searching for Sis Fely Guy Ong Chinese herbal medicine health tips, here are some of the things we would like to share with you…

Before, I thought her name was Fely Gay Ong, but it looks like a lot of people use Fely Guy Ong.

Anyway, the key health tip is to balance the following in your body:

Init (Heat)
Lamig (Cold)
Hangin (Air)

When you have the flu, what does your body have?

Sis Fely says you have too much LAMIG.

That’s why people say you have a COLD. :-)

But seriously, your body has too much cold.

So, please try these tips when you have the flu:

  • Avoid getting too cold.
  • Don’t walk barefoot on the cold floor.
  • Don’t drink a glass of cold water right after a workout.
  • Avoid taking a cold shower when your body is still hot (because of the weather or because of strenuous work).
  • Avoid eating fruits that are considered “cold” such as watermelon (high water content).
  • Avoid eating “cold” fruits at night because you might have a hard time breathing the following morning.
  • Veggies are considered “cold” food.
  • Try eating more “hot” (fried) foods, to help balance your inner body.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body has too much AIR.

Sobrang hangin, as what Sis Fely would say.

So, please try these tips when you lack sleep:

  • Don’t let the electric fan blow directly at you.
  • Wear adequate clothing so that you don’t expose yourself to too much air.
  • Coming soon…

And please remember to consult your professional health care provider. The things you read here are for information purposes only.

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