First Vita Plus Business – Is It For You?

Do you want to earn an extra income with the help of First Vita Plus? Here are some things you need to consider first…

1. Are you willing to buy products from the Ortigas Center head office?

The FVP office between Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road opens at around 11am, and you’ll need to get in line to order First Vita Plus products or even the yellow bag (starter kit). We’ve seen some people carrying those yellow bags to Robinsons Galleria.

2. Are you willing to ship products to your FVP customers?

We’ve seen some people bringing those FVP yellow bags to LBC Express or JRS Express in Robinsons Galleria, where they have these shipped to customers all over the Philippines. It would help if you carefully compute your own transportation and shipping costs, as well as the cost of your TIME because sometimes the lines in these mall-based courier services can be quite long.

3. How will you let people know you are selling FVP Products?

It’s not exactly a well-known set of health supplement products advertised heavily on TV, right? You need to ask yourself if you have a marketing plan when it comes to selling these types of Vegetables in a Drink sachet.

Majority of the training in FVP involves Product Knowledge and Understanding the Pay Plan System.

We haven’t encountered any uplines or sponsors who teach exactly how to build a network, or how to properly market to people. It has basically been: “Tell your Kaibigan, Kapamilya, Kamag-anak, Kakilala, Kapitbahay… and all the other K’s in your life.”

4. How will you educate people about the benefits of FVP?

It’s easy to publish all of these on websites or even in Facebook. That does not guarantee, however, that you will be able to educate enough people to make your FVP business viable.

If you will earn P500 for each customer you bring in (who signs up as FVP Distributors), and if your goal is to earn at least P500 each day, that means you (and your FVP team) needs to sign up 1 distributor daily.

Assuming a conversion rate of 1%, that means you need to make your FVP presentation to 100 people each day.

And assuming your advertisement attracts 5% of people who see it, that means you need to show your ad to 2,000 people each day, who are interested in health supplements.

How do you plan to reach 2,000 people daily?

Based on our assessment, you will be better off reaching people on a face-to-face basis, than using the internet to promote First Vita Plus. That is, if your objective is to sell physical products such as these health supplements.

If meeting people and selling them health supplements is your kind of thing, then go and check out FVP.

And if you’re more open to earning a semi-passive income with the help of the internet, then it will help if you focus on products that can also be delivered via the internet (e.g., electronic products, information products, online training, online library).

Here’s to your success! :-)

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