GlobalPinas – Global Partners In Network Alliance System

GlobalPinas (Global Partners In Network Alliance System, Inc.) is a network marketing company organized by Rachiele or Rach David, which aims to combine the best things about multi-level marketing to provide network marketers in the Philippines a profitable and enjoyable experience.

Among its organic products are coconut-based supplements. We will be asking for details regarding the FDA and BFAD certification of these products, before we personally try them. We’ve seen some of the product shots, and we will consult with some of our friends who are familiar with BFAD or FDA certification requirements.

The corporation is registered with the SEC, and they hold office in Makati. Some of the additional answers that we are seeking are:

1. Who are the incorporators?
2. What is the background of these incorporators?
3. Who comprise the management team of GlobalPinas?
4. What is the vision of the CEO or COO of Global Parteners In Network Alliance System, Inc.?

There are several Pay Plans, and our friends will help us understand those 7 ways to earn in the coming days. We will fill in the blanks, so to speak, in the future:

Plan 1: Get the products at 30% off, then retail at full price. Earn 10% when you re-sell SMS load. This Pay Plan is available only to Globe Pinas Gold Package members.

Plan 2: Earn a Direct Referral incentive of P250 per direct referral. This is available only to Globa Pinas Gold Package members.

Plan 3: Matches Sales incentive of P300 per pair (left and right), up to a maximum of P144,000 monthly per account (available only to GlobePinas Gold Package members). Each member may open up to a maximum of 15 GlobePinas accounts (per member name).

Plan 4: Buy around P600 worth of products, then the system will automatically fill-in some kind of matrix with the purchases of other GlobalPinas members. There are several levels where you can earn some kind of cash reward, but all in all, when the 3×6 matrix fills up, you’ll earn P1,229. This is great for you who love to re-order products.

Let’s do the math, ok? In a 3×6 matrix there are 1,092 slots (that’s 3 raised to the power of 16). At P600 per slot, that’s gross sales of P655,200 which means that the P1,229 is 0.18 percent. Anyway, we’ll gather more info in the future.

Plan 5: Uni-level Income – Earn 7.5 percent to 10% of Points Value (PV) of your downlines from 1st to 10th level. To qualify, you need at least 60PV or 10 Matrix Points Value (roughly P600).

Plan 6:
Plan 7:

People can join at several levels: Free, P1,580 (Silver Package) and P2,580 (Gold Package). Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Looks like GlobalPinas Marketing Training is being developed. :-)

We will most likely start off first as consumers, and then will update this post in the coming days… Stay tuned!

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