GlobalPinas – How To Earn

Do you want to make money online with GPI or GlobalPinas (Global Partners In Alliance Network System, Inc.)? Here are key things you need to do…

1. Get To Know the Company Better

For example, who are the people behind it, what is their vision, where are their manufacturing facilities (we’re talking about organic products), and how can they sustain their operations over a long period of time.

2. Get To Know the GPI Products

To gain credibility with your market, you will need to know the products inside out. This means you should be able to competently answer questions regarding BFAD/FDA Certification, KOSHER Certification, impact on the health, contraindications, and other items that have an effect on the health and wellness of your potential customers.

Please also be familiar with the packaging design, the branding, the disclaimers which may need to appear if the product is positioned as a health supplement, and other key elements such as the Nutrition Information.

3. Get To Know Your Market

Do you know whom to market the GPI products to? How can you communicate with them? And once you’re able to establish a line of communication with these people, how can you connect on a deeper and sustainable level?

4. Learn How to Market

You will need training in the areas of both offline and online marketing, especially since GlobalPinas combines the worlds of both offline network marketing, and online or Internet Network Marketing.

Too often, we tend to get excited about a company and its products that we automatically assume other people will also be as excited as us. The reality is, not everyone is like us.

The good news is, we are not alone. There are other people out there who do share our interests, goals, and aspirations. The main goal is to find those people. :-)

Let me tell you a story…

Jonas (not his real name) is a dog trainer. But he has a thought-provoking style when it comes to training dogs.

Instead of just diving into a “training program” and repetitively teaching dogs how to sit or shake hands (and then rewarding them with a treat), he invests time and simply observes them.

Jonas notes down what activities the dogs enjoy DOING. Some like to sit a lot, others love to bark, and yet others prefer to jump.

Based on what these dogs like to do, that’s what Jonas focuses on. He teaches the “loves to sit” dogs to sit after he issues the verbal commend “Sit” and since they do love to sit, they get rewarded a lot. :-)

And so it goes when it comes to successfully marketing GPI products.

You need to observe people and discover what they like to do. In that process, you will be able to find people who will naturally enjoy using GPI products.

Yes, observing can take a lot of time. Fortunately, there is a much faster way out here on the internet.

It’s called Attraction Marketing.

Your goal is to create places online which will draw in people who love GPI products. Alternatively, you can go to online hangouts where organic product lovers already flock to.

So, do you want to make money online with GlobalPinas? Then please prepare. Remember, you need to invest in yourself before others will invest in you. :-)

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