Help People Spend Money

Do you want to know the secret to making money? It is this: Help People Spend Money. And don’t stop there. Help people become happy with what they will spend on…

Why do some people who have loads of money turn to the web? They are looking for information.

They are looking for info that will assure them that what they are going to buy will be worth it. They are searching for info so that they can save time. They are after info that makes sense to them.

Did your child go through an illness that required a stay in the hospital? Well, share what you learned and it will be useful to other parents who are going through the same thing.

Did you spend time looking for your dream house and lot in a certain city? Share your experience, and it will be useful to those who want to buy a new home.

Did you recently beautify your car with various auto accessories and car tinting services? Publish your experience online and recommend the shop you went to, and this will be useful to other car afficionados who want to spend on things for their cars.

The key is this: Share information that is useful to people who want to spend or invest money.

People basically spend on the following:

1. Love / Relationships – how to have quality bonding moments with family and friends (e.g., travel)

2. Health – how to become well, or better-looking (e.g., clothes, wellness products, how to be more intelligent)

3. Money – how to become wealthy (e.g., finance seminars, stock market investing tips)

A lot of folks are still focused on making money online. Perhaps you can try a different approach. Maybe you can ask yourself this question instead:

What should I do online, so that I can make money from everywhere (online and offline)?

Good luck in your quest towards financial freedom. As you begin your journey, please focus on HELPING others first. And most important of all, have fun in the process! :-)

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