How To Earn With AIM Global Philippines

Do you want to know the simple system you can use to make money with AIM Global Philippines? Now before you turn your back and and shout that AIM Global is just a scam, please consider the following first…

AIM Global distributors have many ways to make money. They don’t focus on just recruiting. For example:

  • They take advantage of the free medical check-up.
  • They get free Insurance.
  • They avail of the Scholarship Program.
  • They directly sell AIM Global products.

We’re particularly interested in the Scholarship Programs, because once you become an AIM Global marketing distributor, you can avail of a scholarship that’s applicable to more than one semester.

In some cases, depending on the partner school and the course, the scholarship (20%, 30%, 50%, or even 100% discount on tuition) applies for 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, or even 5-year courses.

Can you see the value in that? The discounts you’ll save for your child or even your relative in tuition fees is worth much more than your one-time investment in AIM Global.

To see examples of Scholarships in the Philippines, please see:

Paano Ka Yayaman Sa AIM Global?

The system is simple:

1. Understand AIM Global, the products, and the marketing system.
2. Invite people.

See? Simple lang.

For the First Step, you’ll read materials and attend seminars. You’ll also speak with your upline. That’s the EASY part.

For the Second Step, that’s where you’ll do the task of staying motivated even when people around you reject you. That’s the CHALLENGING part.

Sabi ko po sa inyo, simple lang. Pero hindi ko sinabing madali.

When you begin as an AIM Global distributor, you have nothing.

No earnings. No track record. No credibility.

Hindi po kayo kapanipaniwala.

So you invite people to attend the presentations made by those who have succeeded, and by those who have credibility.

Magtiyaga po kayo sa kaka-invite, kahit masakit sa damdamin ninyo kapag nire-reject kayo ng ibang mga in-invite po ninyo.

Over time, you will be able to successfully invite people to sign-up and become AIM Global distributors. Over time, your earnings can grow. Over time, you will establish a track record of success.

Over time, your credibility will go up.

Then, you can return to those you invited before, show them proof that you have actually made the system work, and then you will re-invite them to attend the presentation and sign-up as AIM Global distributors.

So ayan po ang sistema kung paano ka pwedeng kumita sa AIM Global:

1. SIPAG: Pag-aralan ang AIM Global marketing system.
2. TIYAGA: Mag-imbita nang mag-imbita ng tao sa presentation.

Heto ang New Distributors’ Orientation (NDO)

Konting sipag po. Watch the NDO as many times as you can, para ma-internalize mo:

Watch the above series of videos (Part 1 to Part 15) of Mr. Arnel Limpin. Then, watch the videos again. Watch the videos once again, and get motivated.

Then… do not present to people. Just… INVITE people.

Sipag at tiyaga.

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