How To Earn With USANA Philippines

Do you want to know how to make money with USANA Philippines? Before you throw your hands up and say that this is just a scam, please read this first…

Different USANA Philippines independent distributors will show you that there are two major ways to earn money via USANA:

  • Sell the product. Direct retail.
  • Invite others to join USANA. Network marketing / MLM.

It’s not that easy to join USANA since you’ll be asked to pay P990 for your registration, and also P16,000 worth of USANA products (that you can retail for P23,000). So we’ll write about how to gain more USANA downlines in another blogpost.

What we will focus on instead is how to successfully retail a USANA product such as Nutrimeal.

USANA Success Story / Case Study

Aileen (not her real name) is a call center agent who is friendly and who gets along with her fellow employees in a call center somewhere in Metro Manila. She wants to lose weight.

So she tries Nutrimeal and loses 10 pounds over a 10-day period. Her fellow call center agents notice that change.

How’d you do it? Diet and exercise?

Nope, I didn’t exercise at all. I mean, who has the time, right?

So, what’s your secret, Aileen?

I took Nutrimeal. Want to try it?

Success in Network Marketing: Key Points

If you study the approach Aileen took, you’ll notice the following:

  • She used the product.
  • Her friends noticed her weight loss and asked about it.
  • Aileen told them what she was taking.
  • Aileen invited them to try the product.

As you can see, Aileen didn’t immediately push the “business opportunity” of the MLM side of USANA. She simply used the product, and her existing network of friends at the call center saw the amazing results she was getting.

How’s that for celebrity product endorsement, right? :-)

In a viral marketing sense, as more of Aileen’s friends tried the Nutrimeal product and experienced similar results, more people learned to trust and like Aileen. And even without the network marketing aspect, Aileen was already making money from retail sales.

Other people also wanted to retail the product to their own friends (outside the call center), so Aileen offered to split the retail profit with them. Since the total profit was 25%, Aileen offered them 10%. This means that with zero sales effort, Aileen will still make 15%.

In a sense, Aileen was using the principles of Affiliate Marketing or Commission-Based Marketing in her network marketing business.

What Have We Learned From This

If you want to make money as a USANA independent distributor, market the products first to your existing network. Earn retail profits via direct sales.

Not only will you gain loyal customers, you will also open the doors to potential joint-ventures or partnerships with people who will join USANA under you.

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