How To Promote Your Business Online

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People who are turning to the internet to make money online are asking: How do I promote my business online? Here’s the answer…

First, you need to build your name and reputation online. You can do this by publishing helpful articles about different topics.

Then, in your “About Me” page (or even at the bottom of each of your articles), you can talk about yourself and your new business.

Here’s the flow:

1. People will search for solutions to their problems.
2. They will land on one of your helpful and original articles. (No copy/paste, please.)
3. They will appreciate what you’ve written.
4. They will want to get to know you more.
5. They will read your “About Me” page or section.
6. Some of them will get to know, like, and trust you.
7. Some of them will ask you about your business, and may even join and support you! :-)

In other words, build your name and reputation first; your business, second.

How do you build your name and rep online?

You’ll need to help others first. You need to have a genuine desire to serve others. And you know you can multiply yourself and actually do this, through the power of your words on a webpage.

You don’t need to be a novelist, and your tips can be short and to the point. You may even use simple English words, if you wish.

You can also mix things up and offer longer articles (500 words per article). Or even longer ones (1,500 words). You can change your approach so that it doesn’t get boring.

You can also write about other bloggers or online publishers. Help promote others… just because. :-)

So go ahead and try it. Prove to yourself that you can make this work.

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First posted on Saturday, 14 Apr 2012

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