OFW and VMobile Cellphone Loading Business

Are you an OFW who is unable to save money, because you practically send all your money to your family and relatives in the Philippines? Do you wish you could prepare for YOUR financial future if only your family were less dependent on you for money? Help them help themselves with the VMobile cell phone loading busines…

Benefit #1: Your family in the Philippines will enjoy a 10% discount on cell phone load, if they become a VMobile Technouser.

Benefit #2: Your family can sell the load and earn 10%.

A lot of OFWs are becoming VMobile Technopreneurs, and they are able to get 20 Technouser cards. Instead of just selling these Technouser cards or SMS Load wallets at P250 each, they give those cards to their family members and relatives here in the Philippines.

The relatives then either load those Technouser wallets and enjoy the 10% discount on loads (Smart, Globe, Sun), or they sell the load. For example, if you load the wallet with P300 you around P330 worth of load. So if you sell the available load for P330, there’s your 10% profit of P30.

What if they can sell P3,000 worth of load per day? That’s an extra income of P9,000 a month.

Some OFWs who become VMobile Technopreneurs also invite others to become Technopreneurs (not just Technousers). They earn P500 for each Technopreneur that they attract.

And that’s why more and more OFWs are becoming VMobile Technopreneurs. They are able to help their families here in the Philippines, and they are also able to prepare for their retirement years.

So say goodbye to “ubos padala” right now. Help your family and relatives help themselves with the VMobile cell phone loading business.

For more information, please visit VMobile Tayo at VMobileTayo.com

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