Power to the People Online

The internet has helped empower people, because it connects so many of us no matter where we are, and no matter when we are. Some artists have capture this in an eye-catching infrographic…

In Power to the Online People, Open-Site.org gives you an infographic, or an image which quickly summarizes how rapidly information spreads throughout the world.

Whether the news involves the weather or some political event, the world created by our computers and mobile devices and linked by the internet causes changes in our physical world.

Here’s what the infographic looks like:

Power To The Online People

What does this mean for us? It means that if we want to be a force of change in our world, we first need to connect with others.

Whether that means consuming the information or creating it, what’s important is that we first CONNECT with one another.

Thank you for being here, reading this webpage, and keeping in touch with the help of the internet. :-)

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