Professional Bloggers Association of the Philippines

You’ve probably heard about Janette Toral, Tonyo Cruz, talk about a National Bloggers Association and even a Professional Bloggers Association of the Philippines.

Now before you hyperventilate and grow overly-protective of your make money online business, or your freedom of expression “nobody can tell me what to blog about” blogs, relax…

Step 1: Read the Frequently Asked Questions page that Janette Toral has published, to help address your concerns about the NBA or the PBA.

Step 2: Ask yourself if you want to join or participate (whether directly or indirectly). No one can force you to do anything against your will.

Step 3: Feel free to blog about it and let more people know, or altogether ignore it. If restaurateurs shouldn’t be afraid of big bad bloggers, hundreds of thousands of bloggers shouldn’t be intimidated by possible manipulation by a handful of people.

Think about it. Pinoy bloggers manipulated by a smaller group of bloggers? It ain’t gonna happen, ‘ika nga.

What’s this thing about a Professional Bloggers Association of the Philippines?

The reality is this: There are people who will naturally gravitate towards forming a group. It stems from this innate need to belong.

And since problogging can become quite a lonesome activity, what with you sitting there by yourself in front of your Mac of PC or even mobile device, the yearning for human interaction becomes more acute.

How do you become a professional blogger or problogger?

Our recommendation is to learn the ropes by actually performing the activities handled by Pinoy virtual assistants. From blog set-up, to writing, to SEO, to online promotions… learn by doing, and do by learning.

Persevere and focus, and before you know it, you’ll become a problogger in anywhere between 3 and 12 months (depending on your skills and level of motivation).

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