Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Answers – Part 1

While a lot of people are asking about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program, even more SWA members are asking: “How do we handle such questions?” Here’s how…

Remember that people are excited about any new program for about the first 4 weeks. But during that first month, there’s usually not enough time for something to learn and master the ins and outs in order to confidently make a presentation or competently answer questions.

The Solution: Use someone else, or use something else.

1. You can use your partner who’s more experienced.
2. You can use a video that’s already been created for you.

Here is an example of an animation video that was designed to answer the most basic questions about SWA Ultimate.

So if you’re a member of SWA, and if you have a Facebook account, simply watch the video below.

Then SHARE the video on Facebook.

Then when people ask you about SWA, give them the link to your Facebook Wall, because that’s where they will find the video that you shared.

Madali lang mag-share ng video sa FB, di ba?

(NOTE: There’s really no talking part. It’s just speech bubbles with a music track.)

SWA Ultimate Answers Part 1 by MannyViloria on GoAnimate

Happy video sharing on FB… SO Easy! :-)

To Your Success! :-)

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