Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Grand Launch 2012

The grand launch of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program is slated for August 11, 2012.

We don’t know yet the final venue that SWA CEO Francis Chaves will choose. Will it be in Davao? Or will it be in Cebu?

Initial (not final) impression is that it will be held at the Bluejaz Resort in Samal Island, Davao.

People are excited because of the possible launch of Pay Plan 3. Let’s do a recap…

In Pay Plan 1, you can earn a commission of $70 or $90 each time a group of 6 people forms under you (2×2 matrix). These 6 people do not need to all be your direct referrals.

In Pay Plan 2, you can earn a commission of $20 for each of your direct customers, except for your 2nd, 3rd, and 7th direct customers. Those 3 people will be passed up to your sponsor or upline. But that’s okay… The 2nd/3rd/7th direct referrals of your direct customers will also be passed up to you.

Now there are no details yet about the SWA Ultimate Pay Plan 3, but it may possibly be a recurring type of semi-passive internet income.

You see in Pay Plans 1 and 2, customers pay a one-time fee of $55 or P2,500.

But in Pay Plan 3, there will possibly be a product that requires a monthly subscription fee. And that’s why your commission will also be recurring on a monthly basis.

What will that SWA product be, we don’t know yet. Please wait for the August 2012 grand launch. :-)

And if you’re super excited, just look around the internet and you will find many examples of monthly subscriptions: web hosting, graphics services, newsletters and information products… There are so many products which people are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for.

Now that’s good business, right? Sell a product that is consumed on a regular basis by a loyal group of customers. :-)

Here’s to your success!

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