Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Philippines

Some people are starting to make money online with Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate in the Philippines, and for those of you wondering if this is some kind of network marketing scam, let’s look a few important things first…

Who is the person behind the Supreme Wealth Alliance company? It is Franco Renato Chaves (or Francis Chaves) of ChavesNet Enterprises Philippines.

What is the product? For a one-time payment of $55 (or P2,500) you will gain access to an online library of ebooks, online audios and videos inside the Supreme Wealth Library (SWL). The topics of the ebooks range anywhere from personal development to online business marketing tactics.

When we last looked, there were more than 270 downloadable files (a collection of ebooks, audios, videos) inside the SWL. We downloaded the 101 files that we feel we can make the best use of in terms of online marketing.

Those of you who are beginners can read some of these ebooks and use the info to enhance your business connections in the offline world. Intermediate online marketers can resell some of these ebooks and recover your investment in 2 to 4 weeks. Some internet marketing experts can recover their investment within 1 week.

And whether you’re a newbie or if you’ve been into marketing for many years, you can learn from these ebooks and focus on ONE insight. That insight will be worth your time, especially if you take action.

How do you get paid SWA commissions? You can have your SWA commission payments deposited in your BPI account, sent via Globe GCash, or even remitted through courier.

At the moment, it appears that your commission payments are processed manually.

This means that when you qualify for commissions, you will need to Request for a Payout online via your SWA website’s back office system. Processing, according to the SWA website, will take 24 to 48 hours for online methods (e.g., GCash), and 5 to 7 days for offline methods (e.g., bank deposit).

How can you make money with Supreme Wealth Alliance? You can try re-selling some of the ebooks in the SWA Library, or learn from the content of the Facebook Marketing ebooks and hold seminars about that topic, or even help market the online businesses of other people.

In other words, diskarte po at ng mga taong tutulong po sa inyo.

Pwede kang maging masipag, at pwede ka rin maging tamad. Either way, you can still make money.

Imagine the stock market. You buy stocks in a company. You place money in the stock, and then you do nothing. In a way, parang tamad ka. But please take note, parang lang. :-)

Now the company has business people who work and grow the business. The company is successful, and the investing public buys more of that company’s stock. The stock price goes up.

In other words, even if you did not work inside the company, your investment went up. And if you sell your shares of stock in the company when the price is high, you earn.

And all you did was buy shares of stock.

You can actively inform other people about SWA, or you can just quietly invest and get access to the SWL Library.

Some people make money by actively inviting others to join SWA, and you can succeed that way if you already have a network of Facebook friends and followers (or you know someone who already has such a network or community of supporters).

The $55 for SWL Library access is a one-time investment, which entitles you to lifetime SWA Library updates. Some people feel, however, that the present size of the SWA Library is already worth more than $55, which means that those people are not really focusing on the lifetime updates offer.

Is the Supreme Wealth Alliance – Ultimate program for you?

1. If you can make use of the ebooks in the SWA Library, or you have identified a market who will appreciate the content of those ebooks, then go for it.

2. If you are willing to inform people about SWA (how many friends do you have on Facebook?), then give it a try.

It’s time you learned to add semi-passive streams of income to your life today. We look forward to having you inside our Supreme Wealth Alliance Team. :-)

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