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Hayop Na Nakamamatay Ang Hininga sa Florante at Laura

People interested in Florante at Laura are looking for the creature whose breath can kill…

Florante at Laura: Mga Saknong

People are asking for the stanzas (mga saknong) of Florante at Laura by Francisco Balagtas…

Buod ng Florante at Laura | Summary of the Story

If you are looking for the summary of Florante and Laura, here is the Tagalog version. Please note that it may seem quite long, and you may end up searching for an even shorter summary. But if you take the time to go through this long-ish version, you can easily adjust it and simply highlight […]

Florante at Laura Summary in English

Was humming Rolando Tinio’s “Minsan Pa” when I reached the word Kundangan (If It Were Not For), and after a trip to Google, stumbled upon the e-text version of Florante at Laura, the great Tagalog epic written by Francisco Balagtas, as painstakingly typed into text form by May Lim and Arlene Lim.