Tagalog – Panaghoy

Someone asked: Ano ang kahulugan ng panaghoy? Or, what does the Tagalog or Filipino word panaghoy translate to in English?

Panaghoy (or taghoy) is a cry. As when someone cries out for mercy, or compassion, or even if you’re missing someone and you cry out his or her name.

If an animal is caught in a trap, and it cries out for help or for its mother, that’s another example of “panaghoy.” Or a parent, crying out to the heavens while he or she carries her unmoving or stillborn baby.

It is a salty shriek of desolation. You know, the kind of wide-mouthed scream that makes it easy for your tears to find their way into your throat. It is the sound of utter nothingness; when everything seems to have vanished from your world.

Every single thing. Gone.

Even tomorrow feels as if it will never ever come.

There are times when your ears will not quite comprehend what a panaghoy means. But deep in your heart, you’ll know…

Yes, even as you read this blog post, you’re probably starting to blink more than usual, and your throat tightens up along with your memory of a painful yesterday…

Panaghoy = nagmamakaawang sigaw, o paghingi ng tulong, o pahiwatig ng kalunos-lunos na kalungkutan

(A plaintive supplication; a call for help or support; a lamentation; a cry of despair or grief)

Sana po ay nakatulong ito sa inyo… :-)

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