Tagalog: Sagpangin

Someone asked: Ano ang kahulugan ng sagpangin? (What is the meaning of the Tagalog or Filipino word sagpangin?)

Interesting… sagpang (pronounced sag-PANG) is a noun which refers to the act of grabbing something with one’s teeth (as when a dog suddenly bites a piece of meat).

On the other hand, sagpang (prounced SAG-pang) is a verb which refers to running after an enemy’s vehicle.

Perhaps the act of grabbing the enemy vehicle makes one’s hands look like the teeth of a dog grabbing a piece of food.

From this, we can see that sag-PA-ngin means: habulin ang sasakyan ng kalaban (chase the enemy vehicle).

Other forms are:

i-SAG-pang = itugis ang sasakyan ng kalaban.
su-MAG-pang = tumugis ng sasakyan ng kalaban.
si-NAG-pang = tinugis ang sasakyan ng kalaban.

Weird, ba? We wonder why the UP Filipino dictionary makes reference to an enemy vehicle. Anyway, it’s still interesting reading. :-)

Other possible meanings: To grab, to pounce upon (lion pouncing upon its prey), to attack suddenly, surprise attack, to swoop down on

Ang bagay na hinihuli o sinasakmal, ay walang kamalay-malay nang ito ay sagpangin.

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