TipJoy, Micropayments, and Twitter

If you’re wondering how to make money online, you can try TipJoy which is a system that allows you to send and receive micropayments. You can also conveniently do this in Twitter by tweeting the following message…

Assuming you’re logged into Twitter (and you have an account in TipJoy.com), just tweet the following:

P $amount @user reason

For example:

p $1 @manuelviloria for letting me know about TipJoy

Translation: Pay $1 to Twitter user manuelviloria.

Here’s an example of my TipJoy page:

One other cool thing about TipJoy is that you can set up a target fund and invite people to contribute even as low as 10 cents. Once enough people have contributed (i.e., you want to raise $1,000), then you will do whatever it was you promised to do once the financial target is reached.

For example, you can publish a special report, create an image or photo, record an MP3 audio tutorial, create a video tutorial, or set-up a blog. You can then reward your TipJoy friends who helped you fund the project with the final product that you promised you would create.

What I need to figure out, however, is what happens if the financial goal is not met. Will you still push through? Or will you refund? Actually, you can simply TipJoy the amount back to the starred or TipJoy-verified contributors.

To make things simple, you can go for small online business projects first. For example, invite 10 people to TipJoy at least $5 each. Once you’ve reached $50, then go ahead and produce your promised report.

If not enough people fund the project, then you have at most just 10 people to refund their TipJoy money to.

Let’s see how this form of social micropayment system will fare in the coming days. In the meantime, sign up for your free acoount in Twitter (and perhaps follow @ManuelViloria) and TipJoy, and start experimenting with this kind of online payment system.

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