VMobile: Be A Load Retailer

Do you want to be a load retailer for Globe, Smart, and Sun using just one SIM? Try VMobile…

It’s called VMobile RAP, your prepaid loading business.

In the Philippines, there are about 60 million cell phone subscrdibers, and over 94% of those are prepaid subscribers. It is estimated that there will be around 70 million subscribers by the end of 2010.

Some reports estimate the average SMS load spending of Filipinos at P275 each month. This means you can use VMobile to either sell to others, or to save on your monthly cell phone loading costs.

How To Join the VMobile Retailer Affiliate Program (RAP)

Simply approach a VMobile or LoadXtreme Dealer or Retailer, and register and pay for your subscription. You will soon receive an SMS text message showing your Account Number or Retailer ID.

The RAP Subscription costs P300. This gives your account P50 at the start.

To add to your load wallet, you may purchase additional load wallet credits from your Dealer, or by depositing funds to any of the bank accounts of VMobile.

You may also sell RAP Subscriptions to people interested in becoming Retailers. If they produce sales, you will also earn from their sales efforts.

If you do not wish to refer others, you can still earn by selling prepaid products. For example, if you sell P1000 worth of prepaid products daily, that’s P30,000 in monthly sales. At 10%, you will earn P3,000 a month.

Gateways for the SMS Commands

(Odd) 09285220815
(Even) 09285220772

(Odd) 09175522615
(Even) 09175522616


To Register Other Retailers:

LX RAP [Retailer ID]/[PIK]/[Retailer Cellphone #]/[Telco Code*]/[Full Name]/[Birth Date]/[Address]

*Acceptable Telco codes are SMART, TNT, RED, GLOBE, TM and SUN only.

To Order Or Sell SMS Load

* Over-The-Air o OTA (Electronic) Loads at ePins (Prepaid Cards)


* Pa Piso-Pisong Dagdag**


** Available for Globe, TM and SUN Subscribers only
** Denomination ranges only from 20 to 150 pesos
** Discount rate is 9.8% of product denomination

To Change Your PIK Code


To Replenish Your LoadWallet

Unionbank – Current Account No. 00-059-002607-0
Branch: Unionbank Plaza

BDO – Savings Account No. 464-006-2675
Branch: ADB Avenue Ortigas

BPI – Current Account No. 4021-0110-91
Branch:Robinson Tower Ortigas

*Nationwide coverage
*Waived inter-branch deposit charge
*Requires LX RELOAD notification

Metrobank – Current Account No. 007-261-50338-3
Branch: H.V. Dela Costa
*Metro Manila ONLY
*Same day crediting
*With inter-branck deposit charge for deposits outside Metro Manila
*Requires LX RELOAD notification

Please NOTE:

*Minimum deposit amount is P500
*After deposit has been made, make sure that you send the following SMS command to your assigned SMS Gateway


Once you have your Retailer ID and SAC, you can register via SMS:

Send your ID Number and SAC Registration to LX Gateway number

LX REG [ID Number] [SAC] [Birthdate] [Telco Code] [Full Name]

*Birthdate should be in mm-dd-yyyy format

After you register, you may sell SMS load, purchase load wallets, and refer others who wish to become retailers, too.

What are you waiting for? Join the VMobile Retail Affiliate Program (RAP) today for only P300!

Please let us know if you’re interested. 😀

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