Wi-Tribe Customer Care

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I sent an email to wi-tribe (Philippines) last January 31, 2010 to inquire if wi-tribe has coverage in my area. I used their “Request for Coverage Info” form in their website. They replied via email on Friday, 05 February 2010.

Yep, it took them five days to respond.

What does this tell us?

This tells us that it is better to call them up at 31-TRIBE instead of sending them email.

When I called them up, they told me that half of my subdivision is covered by wi-tribe 4G Philippines, and that they will get back to me with details if my street is included in the covered half.

(I called them up around Feb 1, and they responded immediately, since we were speaking with one another over the phone.)

Anyway, it’s good to know (after 5 days) that our street is not covered. At least, they got back with that piece of information.

It would’ve been more convenient if wi-tribe Philippines simply posts a list of covered areas on their website. It helps save time.

Are you a wi-tribe subscriber? If you are, please share with me how well their customer care or support group takes care of your inquiries, and if you’re satisfied with how fast they reply to your questions. Thanks!

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First posted on Friday, 05 Feb 2010

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10 Responses to “Wi-Tribe Customer Care”

  1. on 09 Feb 2010 at 8:26 pm wi-tribe

    Hi Mr. Viloria,

    We tried getting in touch with you through call and SMS. We hope you received our message.

    As part of our customer service, we want to ensure that your area is covered with our service, and we are willing to send a representative to check for coverage in your area.

    Let us know if you are interested so we can set a schedule.

    wi-tribe ,)

  2. on 18 Mar 2010 at 4:51 pm vince

    I suggest you read all the comments in this message board before you get that ISP


    BTW, did they tell you there is a cap? After downloading 3 gigs (some say it will go up to 6 gigs) your speed will go down drastically

  3. on 14 Jun 2010 at 7:29 am Ronald

    I sent Wi tribe an email for my order of 1GB bandwidth on their move more plan (at Php. 200.00) I sent it last night at around 5:47PM, (6-13-2010) I waited and waited for any response from them checked my email around 6:45PM again and was surprised I never got a response from them yet. So I left it off the hook thinking that they may eventually have to call me on my phone or they’ll be sending me another email. I woke up this morning checked my email and their I saw a reply at around 11:45PM saying they already processed my order so I did what normally what they always ask people to do when you order additional bandwidth, restarted the CPE. guess what. My bandwidth never changed at 0.12 mbps. I checked my account on their portal there were no usage n my end between 6:47PM last night until this morning. It seems their sending me an email confirmation that they’ve processed my order but im still not getting what I ordered. ARE THESE PEOPLE TRYING TO PLAY AROUND WITH OUR MONEY?

  4. on 18 Jun 2010 at 1:43 pm John

    It is true that there is a cap. I got fooled about this. During the time I signed up, I did ask the representative, but he told me that there’s none. now that I do not like the servcie, they are asking me to pay for the following:

    ***20 months (remaining months from the contract) X 998 (Monthly Plan) + 5000.00 (Modem Cost)

    I do not have plans to buy the modem. There’s no use if I purchased that.

    ***Upon checking our records, please be informed that you have reached your 6GB Fair Usage Threshold for the month that is why your surfing speed was adjusted to lower than 512 Kbps.

    If you exceed your plan’s monthly usage allowance, your speed will be adjusted accordingly:
    First 6GB – up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB – up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB -up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB -up to 128 Kbps

    How can I avoid downloading? when I turn on my pc, my anti-virus and windows will automatically update. So that’s less to what I can use for the month.

    The service is a crap. The sales rep provided a false information about the bandwith and they wanted me to pay the termination fee if I want to unsubscribe.

  5. on 29 Jun 2010 at 7:49 pm Cypher

    There’s more Wi-Tribe Complaints here!

    Share and Join this FACEBOOK PAGE with your friends, so they can be made aware before signing up with Wi-Tribe!


  6. on 16 Jul 2010 at 2:31 am Ken

    I had my contract terminated with wi-tribe after 10 days. I applied for 2mb (1,999 /month) contract but after 10 days it dropped to 250kb. I only surf and watch movies on you tube most of the time. Things were not explained to me well by the agent when I was applying. Wi-tribe definitely is not for heavy users. The signal also fluctuates. They told me I have a 24 month contract with them, I told them to sue me but they did not and instead canceled my subscription. I can not recommend wi-tribe

  7. on 19 Aug 2010 at 10:34 am Albert Fernandez

    I was satisfied when i subcribed with the 1mbps plan. The trouble started when I upgraded to the 2 mbps plan. First it took time before my actual speed changed from 1 mbps to 2mps but they have already updated my account a week before. The customer service representative can hardly help with the issue. While customercare email support takes two days before the give thier feedback and they do not explain why you have problems. Now i have a more disturbing issue with them. I am not an IT guy but thier internet provided is routed that your browser will indicate a different country. Like if you open yahoo it will open yahoo for australia. This is the reason why I can’t play with my game which does not allow me to log in their servers since im am not properly routed. Now they are not answering my emails. I went to the witribe shop but then they just let me go home and wait for thier field tecnicians for almost a week. Now what kind of service is that? WTF i will be paying 2k per month without getting what i pay for. Its like paying 30k for a nokia 1100. And by the way thier 2mbps speed is not stable. I just don’t know what to do then, its like im stuck and victimized by a syndicate due to the lock in period and i will have to allot a 5k budget so i can terminate their service. What a great way to waste time and money. Anyway if go to your account in thier website, they have got all the links to thier sales but there are no links for customer sevice even in thier customer service page they are still diplaying thier sales link, what an insult. It shows that they only give importance to sales but there are no proper after sales support.

  8. on 15 Mar 2011 at 5:43 pm Kie

    is there any payment to unsubcribe to them bcuz there service is too bad. I only use it on surfing then the net becomes slow..

  9. on 04 Jul 2011 at 5:19 pm arsha

    Im also getting problem with these witribe, there is a sales agent who connected these device on my computer and said i will get 1mbps after 2 days,but three days later my connection is still very slow.I subsscribed to to plan 990, but still very slow..

  10. on 23 Jul 2011 at 6:17 pm Akrin

    I’ve had witribe for a year now and they have never delivered the ‘up to’ 1mbps speed that they promised with the plan. We have been paying almost 1,000.00Php per month and all we can surf with is a speed of about 200-400kbps. it’s up to 1Mbps, alright! But that’s only if you stay up and make an effort to use it around 2am-4am! I really regret having signed up with witribe.

    I already called customer support and aired all my grievances. they told me to do some things to “reset” the modem. I followed the steps and the internet was still slooooow. I was also promised 2 things:

    1)I would be contacted and visited by a person from their support team within 1-2 days and

    2) that they would check for the possibility of a billing adjustment.

    so far nothing has come of it, thought it’s only been a day. It’s really frustrating especially since I’ve been paying for 1Mbps speed for 12 months now, when they’ve been giving me below 512Kbps. That’s the speed of the lower-priced plan!!!