Pinoy VA Tutorials

Do you want to become a Filipino Virtual Assistant and make money online? We will publish tutorials so that you can learn how to become an effective and profitable Pinoy VA.

The Pinoy VA Tutorial Series is delivered via email. Simply type in your email address below, then click on the “Give Me The Info” button: Pinoy VA Tutorial Series

Pinoy VA Course Outline

  1. Before You Begin (Non-Techie Stuff)
  2. Do You Have A Good Email Address?
  3. Plan Your Content
  4. How to Create Your Free Blog – Blogger
  5. How to Create, Re-size and Display Photos/Images
  6. How to Create Your Special Report / Ebook
  7. How to Design Ebook Covers
  8. How to Register Your dotcom Domain Name
  9. How to Create Your Non-Free Blog – WordPress
  10. Discover the REAL Purpose of Your Blog or Website
  11. How to Market Your Content Online
  12. How to Gain More Visitors via the Search Engines (SEO)
  13. How to Earn Dollars via Online Advertising
  14. How to Receive Direct Payments Online
  15. How to Write Words That Turn Readers Into Buyers
  16. How to Make Money via Membership Sites
  17. How to Get More Email Subscribers
  18. How to Use Email Marketing
  19. Facebook Marketing Tactics
  20. How to Use Podcast Marketing
  21. How to Use Video Marketing
  22. Article Marketing Tips
  23. Press Release Writing
  24. Ebook Marketing
  25. Software Marketing
  26. Internet Marketing and Real Estate
  27. Network Marketing Online

IMPORTANT: The Pinoy VA Tutorial series will make use of English, Tagalog, and Taglish. The above sequence of topics may change in the future without prior notice.

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