Ignition Marketing Question and Manny Viloria

Question: “Will I surely make money with Ignition Marketing?”

Answer of Manny M. Viloria: “You may make little or no money at all with Ignition Marketing.”

I’m writing this blog post because some people are publishing unauthorized posts that mislead people into thinking that they will make lots of money by simply joining Ignition Marketing.

So let’s set the record straight regarding why I bought the Ignition Marketing online video training product.

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What Is Ignition Marketing?

Ignition Marketing Company is a partnership founded by Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio, and Mau Magallanes. They offer training products in the field of online marketing, Facebook marketing, how to attract more people to your website, and how to turn those visitors into paying customers.

They also offer a community inside Facebook, composed of people interested in online marketing and in sharing their experience with other members of the community.

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Guide for Ignition Marketing New Affiliates

Lots of friends are asking what they should do after becoming affiliates of Ignition Marketing, a collection of online video tutorials and lessons shared by 3 of the Top Internet Marketing Experts of the Philippines. So we asked the IM founders Eduard Reformina, Mau Magallanes, and Binsoy Basilio during one of the special webinars organized for IM affiliates. This is what they said…

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