How To Join Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate

You’re most likely excited to join the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate because…

You have watched the SWA video, and you’ve asked Manny Viloria questions about SWA Ultimate after going through the SWA Frequently Answered Questions.

UPDATE: If you prefer the PDF version of “How to Join Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate”, you can access it at how-to-join-swa-ultimate-manny-viloria.pdf

If you want to download the above PDF file, please right-click on the link, then left-click on “Save File As…” and save it to your hard disk. You can then print it out and keep it beside your computer while you go through the online ordering process.

VIDEO: How to Join SWA Ultimate if you don’t have a credit card:

You are now ready to join the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Philippine team of Manny Viloria by visiting this website (which will open in a window so that you can read the instructions on this webpage):

Click Here to visit Manny Viloria’s SWA website –

IMPORTANT: Please check that the sentence “This is the Supreme Wealth Alliance website of Manny Viloria” appears on the page, before you click on the JOIN tab.

(Please see the sample screenshot below…)

Supreme Wealth Alliance Manny Viloria Team

After you click on the Join tab, you will land on the “Choose Payment Option” page (screenshot below):

Supreme Wealth Alliance Join Page - Manny Viloria Team

Thank you for verifying that the name Manny Viloria appears, because this will ensure that you will become part of the Philippine SWA Team of Manny Viloria where you will get Internet Marketing Training as your Supreme Wealth Alliance Bonus — our way of saying “Thank You!” for joining our Team. :-)

Okay! Assuming you chose the “Credit Card Payment” option, please click on the SUBMIT button. You will then land on the Join Via Credit Card Page (please see the screenshot below):

Supreme Wealth Alliance Credit Card Payment Page - Manny Viloria Team

In the box beside Confirm Referrer, please type in Manny Viloria.

For New Member Username, please type in something that is memorable to you. For example, your nickname.

For New Member Full Name, please type in your full name.

Here’s a tip: Use a name that your friends will recognize.

For New Member Email, please type in your most reliable email. It will help if you use a GMail address, but Yahoo will do fine. Just make sure you check your Bulk folder regularly.

For Password, please type in a password that you have not used anywhere else. Think of a password that you will use just for Supreme Wealth Alliance. It’s much safer that way.

For Confirm Password, just type your chosen password again.

For Country, please type in the country where you are currently residing.

Then, after you’ve checked what you typed (please make sure the spellings are correct, especially for your email address), click on the SUBMIT button.

After you enter your credit card details and complete the payment, please click here to contact us and we will help you get started. Please let us know your Name and Email address so that we can check the records.

Thank you for joining the Philippine SWA Team of Manny Viloria! :-)