Ibong Adarna and Mt. Tabor

Why are adarna birds found in Mt. Tabor? Here are some possible answers…

First of all, where is Mt. Tabor?

There’s a Mt. Tabor in Israel. Now judging from the photo on that Wikipedia entry, the elevation and the clear view around it might be ideal for the Ibong Adarna. It wants to see enemies who may try to approach it (except when it has to sleep at night after singing its song).

Mt. Tabor is also referred to in the Holy Bible. Yes, it’s the Mountain of Transfiguration (but that’s debatable). Perhaps the adarna bird draws some of its power from the historical and religious significance of that mountain.

Or perhaps the Ibong Adarna simply enjoys the fantastic sunsets at Mt. Tabor, and the breathtaking sight inspires the bird to sing beautifully before calling it a day.

Here’s a description of Mt. Thabor (nope, not a typo):

The Arabs call it Jebel et Tur (mountain of mountains), a name which they give likewise to Mounts Garizim, Sinai, and Olivet. Mount Thabor is distinguished among the mountains of Palestine for its picturesque site, its graceful outline, the remarkable vegetation which covers its sides of calcareous rock, and the splendour of the view from its summit. Nearly isolated on all sides and almost hemispherical in shape it rises in a peak 1650 feet above the Plain of Esdraelon, which it bounds on the north and east, about five miles south-east of Nazareth.
The summit forms an oblong plateau about 3000 feet long, from north-west to south-east, by 1000 wide. The eye is immediately attracted to the north-east by the gigantic masses of Great Hermon, then to the Valley of the Jordan, the Lake of Tiberias and the mountain chains of Hauran, Basan, and Galaad.

Beautiful, isn’t it? :-) Well, don’t just take my word for it. Look at the different pictures of Mt. Tabor (from various angles).

Here’s another guess, but the various fortresses on Mt. Tabor might help make the Ibong Adarna feel more secure. Maybe that’s why the bird can afford to sleep (too) soundly at night! :-)

Now there’s a Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon, and while that city park atop an extinct volcanic cinder cone is most likely not the place where the Ibong Adarna bird roosts at night, that comment that “That’s a LOT of stairs all the way to the top” (in a review of Mt. Tabor, Portland, OR) gives the impression that it is not easy for humans to climb up Mt. Tabor.

Why Are Adarna Birds Found in Mt. Tabor?

In summary, adarna birds like to stay on Mt. Tabor because of the sense of inspiration, power, sacredness, holiness, tranquility, and safety that the mountain gives them.

Plus, that steep climb ensures that there aren’t too many noisy tourists and bloggers rushing to take a photo of the piedras platas tree!

(Wait… how many ibong adarna’s were there?)

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