3 Minutes A Day In Facebook

Do you want to make money online? Gusto mo bang kumita ng dollars nang pa-Facebook, Facebook lamang? Do you want to know and use the Just 3 Minutes A Day In Facebook online marketing system? Here’s how…

UPDATE: Download the Supreme Wealth Alliance – 3 Minutes A Day On Facebook Guide (please rightclick, then leftclick on “File Save As…” to save to your hard disk. (PDF File – http://supremewealthalliance.s3.amazonaws.com/supreme-wealth-alliance-ultimate-3-minutes-a-day-guide.pdf)

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click here to watch and SHARE this cute animation video.

NOTE: When you SHARE the animation video on Facebook, please type something in the “Write Something…” box. An example of what you can write is: “[Your Name] shares with you this interesting video…”

The Goal: Make your Facebook friends remember that it was YOU who shared the video on your Facebook Wall.

Step 3: Wait for your friends to contact you, because they want to support you in your online business.

That’s it! Just 3 minutes a day! :-)

And outside of those 3 minutes a day, just be your usual, friendly Facebook self. Just be a normal FB person who LIKEs your friends photos, or who comments on the status updates of your friends.

Now for only 3 minutes a day in Facebook–and it does not have to be every single day–share an animated video. Do this 3 times a week. :-)

How Does It Work?

» Click here if you prefer a Video Explanation of how you can make this work for you.

1. Inside the animated video is an advertisement.

2. When your friends watch the video and find the advertisement interesting, they will click on the ad. They will land on a special webpage.

(TIP: I highly recommend you go through the process, so that you will see and experience what your friends will see and experience also when they click on the ad.)

3. When your friends land on the webpage, they will type YOUR name as the Referror, because it was YOU who shared the video which brought them to that FREE Registration page.

4. That Registration Page will handle the automatic marketing of the Supreme Wealth Alliance program, an online library of ebooks that talk about Self-Development, Motivation, Business, and Marketing topics.

5. When your friends choose to get the online library, they will contact YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paano ako kikita ng commission sa Supreme Wealth Alliance?

Kailangang member muna kayo, bago po kayo makakakita ng $20 commission sa bawat Direct Customer ninyo, at karagdagang $70 sa bawat grupo ng 6 customers (whether Direct or Indirect).

Yun at yun lang ba ang iisang animated video na ishe-share?

Magre-release po tayo ng iba’t ibang animated videos in the future. Please join the mailing list (after you click on the advertisement inside the animated video), at makakatanggap po kayo ng updates tungkol sa mga darating na animated videos. :-)

[Other questions/answers will be posted here in future updates…]

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